EOFY Gift Guide for Employees

The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is not only about crunching numbers and meeting targets; it’s also an opportunity to recognise and reward the valuable contributions of your employees.

Done well, employee gifting leads to increased loyalty and enhanced motivation but simply adding a logo to a standard promotional item won’t cut it anymore. To really get staff gifting ‘right’ you need to be both deliberate and personal… and that’s tough when you’re also trying to please everyone. At Vault, however, we have a solution to cover all bases – a gift that even your most discerning staff member will love; that still ticks those boxes of being deliberate and personal.

Our prepaid digital Mastercards provide tangible tokens of gratitude, while also empowering your employees with the freedom to choose their own rewards. But how is this personal, you ask? Well, with Vault you can customise digital Mastercards with your own branding and personal message that elevates the experience from a generic gift card offering.


Benefits of Employee Gift Giving

  • High morale: demonstrate your appreciation for hard work, dedication, and achievements throughout the financial year. Staff rewards acknowledge contributions of the past and boost morale for the future.
  • Increased employee engagement: encourage a sense of engagement and ownership among employees. Feeling valued bolsters staff members’ commitment and increases participation in work initiatives that, in turn, improve company culture.
  • Retention of top talent: recognising talent reduces turnover rates and their associated recruitment and training costs.
  • Motivation and productivity: inspire employees to perform at their best. When employees know their efforts will be recognised and rewarded it creates a positive incentive to excel.
  • Optimising positive company culture: a culture of recognition fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and healthy competition, enhancing employee satisfaction and overall company culture.

Why Choose Our Branded, Prepaid Digital Mastercards for EOFY Staff Rewards?

  • Versatility: with our prepaid digital Mastercards you’re not limited to a specific gift or experience. Instead, you’re giving your employees the power to choose what brings them joy. From indulging in a shopping spree or booking a well-deserved vacation to treating themselves to a fancy dinner or upgrading their tech gadgets – the possibilities are endless.
  • Convenience: gone are the days of managing physical gift cards or vouchers. Our digital Mastercards can be instantly delivered to your employees via SMS making the entire process streamlined and hassle-free. No more waiting for deliveries or worrying about lost or misplaced cards.
  • Personalisation: our branded digital Mastercards can be customised to your liking with your company’s key visual, logo, colours, and a personalised message, adding a touch of distinction to each gift. This personalised touch showcases your company’s thoughtfulness and reinforces your brand’s presence in the minds of your employees.
  • Security: prepaid digital Mastercards come with elevated security features. While a generic physical gift card can be lost and redeemed by anyone, our digital Mastercards unite card-activation security and your recipients’ smartphone security systems for multiple layers of protection.
  • Ease: we ensure digital cards are simple to activate – even for the least tech-savvy of your people – and then it’s as simple as tap and go from your phone.
  • Timeliness: EOFY is a busy period for businesses and employees. Our digital Mastercards offer the advantage of instant delivery, allowing you to swiftly acknowledge your team’s efforts and motivate them as they embark on new goals for the upcoming year.


Having worked with many of Australia’s (and the world’s) biggest names including Coca-Cola, Cadburys, Sorbent, Telstra and Intel, we have the experience and the know-how to support your business this EOFY. To learn even more about delivering meaningful employee rewards via digital Mastercards, please visit us here.