Temperature-controlled Guinness campaign allows punters to enjoy a free stout at its prime!


It’s Guinness weather, grab a free pint with a free $15 Digital Mastercard!

The Details:

To encourage drinkers into the pub to enjoy a stout at its prime , the team at Guinness launched “Guinness Weather”, allowing punters to redeem a free pint of Guinness Draught as soon as the temperature drops to ideal consumption conditions (between 5 & 7 degrees).

Utilising Vaults technology, pre-registered recipients were sent an SMS to redeem a $15 Guinness branded digital Mastercard, that could only be redeemed at participating Guinness venues.


Our Role: 

  • Private label (Closed loop)
  • Instant Reward Issuance
  • Claim Validation
  • Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®
  • API access to the Vault card suite
  • Issuance Reporting