Leading the way in digital payment technology, we provide you with the freedom to choose how your brand opts to handle payments.

The power to choose

With Enterprise API integration you can deliver payments via our powerful Vault application. Alternatively, choose SDK integration to bring the necessary software tools and components directly into your existing brand systems.

Enterprise API Integration:
Seamlessly issue rewards by connecting your own brand platform to the Vault Management Platform (VMP) using our powerful and secure Enterprise API. With this option you’ll be issuing payments and rewards in no time via a user-friendly Dashboard offering comprehensive visibility into funding balances, reward issuance, redemptions, and more.

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SDK Integration:

We specialise in delivering top-tier end-to-end incentive experiences, ensuring optimal satisfaction for our clients and their users. Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating Vault’s Software Development Kit (SDK) into third-party applications, enhancing functionality and user experience.

With Vault’s SDK integration, users gain access to a comprehensive array of features, including checking wallet status, retrieving card details, effortlessly adding cards to their digital wallet, and accessing transaction history.

This integration empowers businesses to provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency to their customers while maintaining the highest standards of security
and reliability.

CRM Integration

In addition to SDK or API integration, we're integrated with major CRM platforms to enable automated reward delivery. This ensures reward processes become a seamless part of the overall CRM infrastructure.
  • More efficient management and distribution of rewards
  • Reduces errors and discrepancies
  • Simplifies reporting
  • Time-saving

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