Control Pay

With geo-location tech, choose where and when your customers can redeem for a truly customised and memorable brand experience.

A revolutionary way to reward

Control Pay offers a more creative way for brands to implement targeted incentive programs, keeping 100% of card transactions within a designated network or timeframe.

Like our other products, a Control Pay reward comes in the form of a digital branded ‘card’. It’s delivered to a recipient’s phone via SMS, and activated in seconds. Geo-location tech then limits use within time and/or location parameters. 

We’ve helped brands across industries design unforgettable customer experiences using Control Pay. Whether it’s Adelaide’s Economic Agency enticing tourists to explore Rundle Mall or Lion providing customers with a complimentary Guinness once the temperature reached a specific threshold, we can help your brand design an incentive that resonates with your unique style and sets you apart.

Fully branded

Customise the card design and accompanying SMS notifications with your branding for a lasting impact in the minds of your customers.

Customised experience

Lock down spending to specific location & time periods.

Instant delivery

Recipients receive a branded card instantly to their mobile device. After quick activation, it’s ready for immediate use. 

Easy redemption

As long as your recipient meets the time and location criteria, redemption is as easy as tap and go.

Closed loop
Closed loop
Implement extremely targeted closed-loop programs
Keep transactions within your network
Keep transactions within your network
Enables brands to keep 100% of the card transactions in their network.
Location & time constraints
Location & time constraints
Lockdown card transactions for specific merchants, merchant categories, retailers, post codes, venues, festivals, 
or day and time
Fully customised
Fully customised
From concept to delivery, we can design an innovative promotion that speaks to the personality of your brand, while exciting consumers
Why use vault payment solutions

Seamless end-to-end service

With Control Pay we can help you create a fully-customised brand experience, from concept to consumer delivery, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.

When should you use control pay

    Control Pay is incredibly versatile and is great for:

      • When you want to keep 100% of the card transaction within your brand’s network or at specific venues or locations
      • When you want to offer an event-specific and truly custom brand experience
      • When you want to influence consumer behaviour via an incentive but choose where and when your consumers are rewarded
      • When you want to drive sales via sampling or rewarding a product purchase
      • When you want to encourage spending at a particular time or location (or a combination of both)

Case Studies

Discover some of the innovative ways we’ve helped leading brands
stand out with Control Pay campaigns.