Corporate Trade and Staff Gifting

Boost morale and celebrate success – empower your team with branded digital Mastercard rewards.

A more meaningful thank you

Our branded prepaid digital Mastercards offer a flexible and personalised way to reward employees, clients and customers with the gift of choice. Delivered to a recipient’s device, then activated in seconds, your recipient can use the card through their phone with tap and pay.
  • Sales incentives
  • Service anniversaries
  • Employee referrals
  • Employee of the month/quarter
  • Holiday bonuses and more

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A simple, robust payment platform

Our Vault Management Portal offers an effortless way to distribute custom-branded digital Mastercards and keep track of your spend. Offering complete control and transparency, you can issue and track cards from a single dashboard in real time. Unrivalled tech is just part of why we’re Australia’s leading provider of secure, mobile payments and at the forefront of digital reward innovation.
  • Complete client control and transparency
  • Custom-brand digital Mastercards for a personalised touch
  • Fast and easy to use; fast and easy to redeem
  • Unrivalled security with Vault and Mastercard using the digital wallet

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The future of payments is mobile

Talk to us about how we can help give your business the competitive edge through digital rewards.

Forget postage and plastic, mobile wallet transactions have taken over. In the past year alone, we’ve issued more than 300,000 custom digital Mastercards to businesses looking for better ways to engage, incentivise and reward their staff and customers.

Instead of being sent a physical card in the mail, a custom-branded digital card is sent via SMS, then activated using the Vault app. Once activated, the card can be added to a phone’s digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) and used anywhere that accepts contactless payment. Unlike some card providers, we allow you to add small amounts – as little as $5.

Faster, more efficient and user-friendly across every touchpoint, your people will enjoy a greater sense of value, trust and respect with the freedom to choose their own reward.

Case Studies

Find out how our dynamic payment solutions give our customers a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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