Pre-Paid Physical Cards

When the traditional solution suits best, we offer physical EFTPOS or Mastercards.


Fully branded and redeemable anywhere in Australia where EFTPOS is accepted.

Though digital is our core focus, we understand there may be times a physical option is preferred. Whether it’s for employee rewards, trade incentives, or a cash back program, rely on us to handle the complete fulfilment process seamlessly.

Our cards can be custom-designed with your branding for a personalised touch that surpasses generic gift card options.

A simple, traditional gift card solution.

Boost your sales, foster loyalty, or express gratitude effortlessly using our personalised prepaid gift card solution, tailored to your brand and designed to suit a range of business requirements.
  • Choose to deliver directly to individual recipients or in bulk to a single address
  • Customise fully or opt for generic options
  • Load any amount up to $4999
  • Valid anywhere eftpos/ Mastercard is accepted
Fully customised
Fully customised
Our prepaid physical cards and accompanying letter offer complete customisation, ensuring they reflect your brand identity and goals perfectly.
Load with any value up to $4999
Load with any value up to $4999
Enjoy the flexibility to load any value up to $4999 onto each card, accommodating various budget requirements and gifting purposes.
Fulfilment management
Fulfilment management
Let us manage the entire fulfilment process, from production to distribution, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your recipients.
Customer service support
Customer service support
We provide comprehensive support to address any inquiries or issues related to the prepaid physical cards, ensuring a positive experience for all involved.
Why use vault payment solutions


Our team's experience stretches from brand management to execution, so we are well placed to manage consumer campaigns end to end.

Our prepaid physical solutions, available as eftpos or Mastercard, provide customisation flexibility, allowing for fully-branded designs or pre-made options, delivered through your preferred distribution method.
When should you use a physical giftcard or prepaid Mastercard?

Plastic card options are the more traditional way to gift them with choice. They’re great for:

  • Staff rewards
  • Corporate and client gifting
  • Employee expenses
  • Customer rewards and incentives

Case Studies

Understand how brands have used our services to better manage 
rewards, incentive programs, payouts and commissions.