Tailor made solutions to suit
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What we do

Cashback and Promotions

Our team's experience stretches from brand management to execution, so we are well placed to manage consumer campaigns end to end. We can support you through:​

  • Instant payment and reward issuance​
  • Fixed Fee risk-managed prize pools​
  • Microsite development​
  • Promotional insights

What we do

Digital Card Issuance

The best way to reward your consumer, encourage participation and drive repeat purchase is to reward them instantly. ​

Any of our customisable digital cards make for an instant and convenient solution, and your recipient can use the card through their phone with tap and pay.

Instant delivery
  • Fully branded
  • Safe & Secure
  • Use anywhere
  • High Engagement
  • Mastercard Backed
  • Account Management

What we do

Campaign Management

Vault can develop, host, publish and maintain a customised claim website which allows users to register their details and upload documents to support verification of entry.

  • End-to-end program management
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Swift claim management with scanning validation
  • Customer support
  • Detailed database management and insights
  • Management of permit and regulatory compliance

What we do

Insurance Claim and Rebate Settlement

As an authorised payment processor, we can issue digital payment cards to facilitate the claim settlement and rebate process for insurance and other purposes.​

We use on-demand code to issue digital payment cards directly to our clients. These cards are issued to facilitate the claim settlement and rebate processes for insurance companies, health care providers, and other enterprises that offer settlements, benefits or rebates.

What we do

Corporate Gifting and Staff Rewards

A prepaid corporate gift card is the best way to say thank you and well done to your team for all their hard work.​

Any of our custom gift cards make for an instant, contactless and convenient solution, and your recipient can use the card through their phone with tap and pay online or in-store.​

The Vault Management Portal (VMP) is the perfect solution for organisations who need to instantly distribute branded rewards through a secure, easy-to-use interface.

What we do


Enterprise API

Integrate your platforms with VMP via our Enterprise API to issue rewards seamlessly and on demand.

This provides you with the ability to run ready-to-go programs with an easy setup, full visibility on program funding balances, reward issuance, redemptions, and more.

CRM Integration

We're integrated with major CRM platforms to enable automated reward delivery.

SDK Integration

Integrate with the Vault SDK to deliver the best brand experience

  • Own the customer journey
  • Deliver rewards instantly
  • Easy plug in module

What we do

Data and Insights

​Live reporting with transactions, merchant analytics and spending behaviours means that you can profile customer behaviour post purchase, track trends and monitor campaigns.

This is a powerful tool that completes your consumer's profile.

The future of payments is mobile