Cashback and Promotions

Take your brand and budget further – with a cashback promotion you can offer a more appealing incentive at a lower cost compared to sales or discounts.

A smarter way to engage & grow

The Vault difference is that we issue cashback payments or discount offers directly to customers' devices via branded prepaid Mastercards. It offers the greatest flexibility and ease for customers – another tick for your brand in their eyes.
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reward loyalty
  • Increase retention
  • Encourage renewal
  • Drive participation
  • Initiate trial
  • Influence consumer behaviour
Add your branding flair
Add your branding flair
Use your company colours and logo
Instant delivery
Instant delivery
Forget postage and plastic
Quick and easy activation
Quick and easy activation
Your customers can redeem within minutes
Bank grade security
Bank grade security
Unrivalled security with Vault, Mastercard and your digital wallet all working together
User analytics
User analytics
Collect data on customer transactions to inform business strategy
No minimum load value
No minimum load value
Unlike other providers, we allow small amounts on prepaid cards.
Why use vault payment solutions

Why Vault for your cashback campaign?

At the forefront of digital reward innovation, we've delivered thousands of cashback campaigns for leading Australian and global brands. We understand your objective is to build customer loyalty and we ensure seamless delivery for your success.
Trusted software, superb
customer experience

Talk to us about how a cashback promotion can strengthen your brand.

Cashback programs are a smarter way to incentivise customers. They not only safeguard your product’s price point and quality perception but also generate sales, all at a lower cost to your business compared to discounts. Rebates can also encourage repeat purchases.

At Vault, we collaborate with you to design and deliver a tailored promotion that ensures a superb customer experience, every time. We’ve done it for thousands of clients, including recognisable global brands like Coca-Cola, Subway, KFC, Fujitsu and many more.

Our skilled team can manage the entire process from concept to consumer delivery, supported by unrivalled digital payment technology that mitigates security risks. Our end-to-end service comprises permits and compliance, specialist insurance, microsite development and detailed claim tracking and reporting – plus dedicated account management across the journey. If you want to rethink how you reward, you’re in safe hands with Vault.

Case Studies

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