Reloadable Mastercards

A Prepaid Digital Mastercard, with the ability to be topped up with funds.

Sustain engagement or streamline how you reward

With a reloadable option you can continue to add funds to a card after it has been issued.

Perfect for brand rewards programs, driving customer loyalty, employee expense accounts, or commission payouts – Reloadable Mastercards can be topped up as frequently as needed.

In all other ways they’re identical to our Digital Mastercards – sent via SMS, instantly activated through our Vault application and seamlessly integrated into a smartphone’s digital wallet (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay). Then it’s as simple as tap-and-go.

Both the card design and the accompanying SMS can be entirely tailored to align with your branding, ensuring your brand remains prominent in the minds of your customers. Or, if you’re sending out staff rewards, this more personalised and versatile approach surpasses generic gift cards.

Fully branded

Customise the card design and accompanying SMS notifications with your branding for a lasting impact in the minds of your customers.

Reload functionality & notification

Add additional funds on the card when and as often as needed. Your recipient will receive a customisable notification when the card has been topped up.

Instant delivery

Recipients receive a branded card instantly to their mobile device. After quick activation, it’s ready for immediate use. 

Use anywhere

Recipients can tap their phones on an EFTPOS terminal in-store, or use their card number and CVV to pay online.

Track balance and transactions

Our easy-to-use application allows recipients to seamlessly view their remaining balance and transaction history.

Add funds as needed
Add funds as needed
No need to issue a new card each time and easy to manage from your own Dashboard
Bank grade security
Bank grade security
Unrivalled security with Vault, Mastercard and your digital wallet all working together
Full control and transparency
Full control and transparency
Our application tracks card use, capturing vital information and delivering it visually for ease of understanding
No minimum load value
No minimum load value
Unlike other providers, we allow small amounts on prepaid cards
Why use vault payment solutions

Fast, simple, unrivalled payment tech

The Vault difference is in our intuitive, state-of-the-art Management Portal (VMP). It gives you the power of full control and transparency to add, distribute, track and reload cards from your own user-friendly Dashboard.

When should you use a digital reloadable Mastercard?

    Reloadable Mastercards are incredibly versatile and great for:

      • Paying sales commissions to employees – more convenient and secure
      • A more convenient alternative to petty cash for office expenses
      • Fast and paperless reimbursement for business expenses
      • Persuasive ongoing customer incentives – increased brand loyalty

Case Studies

Understand how brands use our services to better manage 
rewards, incentive programs, payouts and commissions.