Crown Gifts Prepaid Gift Card Terms and Conditions

30 October 2023

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Crown Gifts Gift Card (“the Card”), a gift card program run by Crown Melbourne Limited on behalf of Crown properties in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Crown has a range of Cards, including physical Cards (“Physical Card”) and digital Cards (“Digital Card”), that can be used at participating merchants specified in Schedule 1.
  2. The Digital Card is issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited, ABN 30 131 436 532, AFSL 404131 (“EML”) and distributed by Vault Payment Solutions Group Pty Ltd, ABN 66 632 373 105 (“Vault”).
  3. The Physical Card is issued by Vii Pty Ltd ABN 83 619 963 263 (“Vii”) and distributed by The Card Network Pty Ltd ABN 87 626 501 568 (“TCN”).
  4. If you have only the Digital Card or only the Physical Card, only some sections of these Terms and Conditions apply to you as set out under the ‘Digital Cards’ and ‘Physical Cards’ sections.
  5. In these Card Terms and Conditions:

“You”, “your” or “user” means the cardholder. If you acquire the Card, you will have a contract with us;

“We”, “us” or “our” means Crown Melbourne Limited, ABN 46 006 973 262 (“Crown Gifts”);

“Tokenised Card” means a Digital Card that has had sensitive personal information (including, but not limited to, a PAN) substituted for a unique identifier (“token”) and stored within a Device Wallet for you to use as payment. A Tokenised Card can be used for Contactless Transactions as well as card not present transactions, including online purchases;

“Digital Wallet” means Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay or any other digital wallet provider capable of provisioning the Digital Card to your Device;

“Contactless Transactions” means a transaction made by holding a Card (capable of making Contactless Transactions) in front of a contactless terminal (capable of being used to make a Contactless Transaction) to complete a transaction;

“Device” means a mobile or wearable device that allows you to store or otherwise add a Digital Card to a Digital Wallet;

“App” means the mobile application provided by Vault which allows you to manage your Card, review transactions and check your available balance;

“Website” means the secured web site any additional or replacement website we notify you as the website for the purposes of these Terms & Conditions from time to time.


Digital Cards: Accepting the Digital Card and agreeing to these Conditions of Use

  1. You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by using the Digital Card in any capacity including, but not limited to, activating your Card, provisioning the Digital Card into your Device, using any Card features or completing a transaction with the Digital Card.
  2. Use and access to the Tokenised Card is subject to your respective Device capability. This means your Device must have the ability to store the Tokenised Card and make a purchase using a Digital Wallet.
  3. In order to purchase, receive or use the Digital Card, you must ensure the purchaser or recipient of the Card has an Australian mobile phone number. For in-store purchases, you must ensure you have Australian accounts with Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.


How and where you can use the Card

  1. A newly purchased Card is valid for 36-months from the date of issue. A Card received as a replacement, as part of a promotion or a special offer may have a shorter expiry period. The expiry of a Digital Card is as stated in your Wallet or in the App or as written on the Physical Card.
  2. The Card cannot be used after expiry.
  3. The Digital Card must be activated prior to use and before the expiry date. You can activate your Tokenised Card via the App by following the instructions provided to your Device by SMS / text message. Upon activation, the Digital Card will be ready for use.
  4. The Card is a single load prepaid card that can be used for purchasing goods and services at participating merchants as listed on the Website and cannot be used at ATMs or over the counter at financial institutions. The Digital Card can be used at an Accepted Merchant that has an EFTPOS Device for a Tokenised Card, or for making a Contactless Transaction.
  5. The list of retailers where your Card is accepted is located here:
  6. The Card cannot be used for the purposes of gambling, as payment towards Events and Conferences at Crown properties, or to purchase another gift Card.
  7. Attempts to use the Card at merchants that are not otherwise approved to accept the Card will result in a declined transaction.
  8. The Card does not have cash out capability. You cannot use the Card to withdraw cash.
  9. The Card cannot be cancelled, used to obtain or redeem cash and cannot be used for making direct debit, recurring, regular instalment payments or as payment towards retailer accounts.
  10. Cards cannot be used for promotional purposes (including competitions) without prior written consent from Crown Gifts.


Checking your Card balance and transaction history

  1. We do not provide you with paper statements. Card transaction activity and balance information are available, in the case of Digital Cards, by accessing the App and in the case of Physical Cards, by calling Crown Gifts on 1300 553 380.
  2. You are responsible for ensuring the availability of sufficient funds for all transactions. If your purchase exceeds the available Card balance, you must make up the difference with an alternative form of payment. Some merchants may not allow you to combine multiple payment types (such as cash, cheque or another payment card) to complete the transaction.


Validity and Card Expiry

  1. The Card is valid until the expiry date shown within the App for a Digital Card and as displayed on the Physical Card.
  2. The Card cannot be used after expiry. After its expiry, or cancellation for non-activation, any balance will be forfeited to Crown Gifts, and the Card will be declined when presented for use. We will not give you any notice before this happens.


Your Card, your responsibility

  1. The Card is like cash. We have no obligation to replace or refund value for misused, lost, stolen, damaged or defaced Cards except where we have breached any condition or warranty implied under consumer protection legislation that cannot be excluded in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. You are responsible for all transactions on the Card, except where there has been fraud or negligence by our staff or agents. If you notice any fraud relating to the Card, you should notify Crown Gifts Customer Support immediately at 1300 553 380.
  3. Except to the extent required by law, we, EML, Vault and TCN are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in any way related to the use of the Cards, including:
  4. if authorisation is declined for any transaction, except where the authorisation has been declined because of an act or omission on our part;
  5. if you permit someone else to use the Card, you will be responsible for any transactions initiated by that person with the Card;
  6. the availability of merchants who allow the use of the Card as payment;
  7. reduced levels of service caused by the failure of Card Issuers and distributors, third-party communications and network.

Errors and complaints

  1. If we discover an error in the amount of funds loaded, reloaded, received or used for any reason, we are authorised to rectify the error without further notice to you, including but not limited to debiting the equal amount of funds found in error from your Card’s available balance.
  2. If you notice any error relating to the Card or have a query about the Card, you should initially contact Crown Gifts front desk during business hours. For any assistance to use the App for Digital Cards, please contact
  3. If you have a complaint relating to the Card, please contact Crown Gifts on 1300 553 380.


Fees and Charges

We do not charge any fees for using the Card. However, to the extent permitted by law, some merchants may charge you for using the Card and such fees may be deducted from the balance of your Card at the time of the transaction.


Refunds or exchanges  

Any refunds for purchases you have made at a participating merchant are subject to the policy of the specific merchant. Refunds by payments made by Card will be made by issuing a new Card with the minimum expiry period applicable in the circumstances.

If you have a problem with a purchase made with the Card, or a dispute with a merchant, you must deal directly with the merchant involved.



Any information that you share with is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at

Information will be disclosed to third parties about the Card and transactions made with the Card, where necessary to operate the Card and process transactions and if required by law. Our third party providers’ Privacy Policies are available at:





Changes to these Conditions of Use

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions can be viewed at


Schedule 1: Participating Merchants

Gift Cards can be used at our Melbourne, Perth and Sydney Crown properties at participating merchants across each complex, excluding gaming.

For a full list of participating merchants see:

Crown Melbourne:

Crown Perth:

Crown Sydney:


From time to time, we may change the list of participating merchants without further notice to you. A complete list of participating merchants is available at the above links.