Claim Settlements and Rebates

Claim Settlements & Rebates made simple.

Digital debit cards for claim settlements and rebates

As an authorised payment processor, we can issue digital debit cards to facilitate the claim settlement and rebate process for insurance and other purposes.

We use on-demand code to issue digital debit cards directly to our clients. These cards are issued to facilitate the claim settlement and rebate processes for insurance companies, health care providers, and other enterprises that offer settlements, benefits or rebates.

What are the benefits to using a digital card for claim settlements and rebates?

Consumers generally want communication with insurers to be quick and painless, and they expect insurers to provide clear communication about the status of their claim. An on the other side, in order to satisfy policyholders and avoid disputes, insurers are looking for ways to improve their efficiency and reduce fraud and litigation. This is where Vault Payment Solutions comes in. 

Convenience, speed and security are just three of the advantages to using a digital card for claim settlements and rebates. Vault Payment Solutions uses a digital debit card generating all-in-one platform that helps with claim processing, instant rebate settlements and simultaneous claim payouts. Offering a fully branded experience with enhanced spend tracking for medical and health related expenses, home and contents or car insurance claim settlements.

Business Benefits

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Enhanced claim processing and tracking

Instant payouts for claims and rebates

Close claims instantly

Provides the utility for the claimant to spend online or offline

Ability to track spend by the claimant

Reduces fraud

Appeals to a broader demographic

Fully branded experience

How does it work?

The Vault Management Portal allows for the immediate distribution of settlements through a secure, easy-to-use interface. You can choose to load your branded digital Mastercards personally via their online portal, load via an API or have a Vault Payment Solutions staff member do it for you. 


Vault Payment Solutions provides a seamless and secure payment infrastructure for insurance companies to pay out claims. The online portal also provides complete client control and transparency, with the ability to track settlement distribution and transaction history. Meaning whichever method you choose, your recipient will get their settlement or rebate in a safe and timely manner.

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Why use Vault Payment Solutions?

The Vault app lets you settle your customer claims promptly and hassle-free. Use the portal to quickly issue fully branded digital debit cards to customers as part of one simple self-service transaction that they can access in real-time.

Take care of your customer claims easily and profitably. Our self-managed Vault app lets you instantly issue funds to customers as and when they need them, helping you provide a seamless service that builds loyalty.

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