Tailored solutions

The custom payments platform that delivers branded funds to your customers’ devices - instantly.

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Event Engagement

Own the occasion! Incentivise sign-ups, capture rich data or provide an innovative way for guests to spend money at your next event.

Vault Payment Solutions is making it easy for organisations to load branded Mastercards via an online portal, with the ability to track reward distribution and transaction history. Bring your next event into the digital era and make an impact on your guests through mobile transactions.

Vault is making transactions meaningful for both brands and consumers. Make your next event fun and memorable by tying in a cash prize in an inventive way. Brands can get creative with competitions that offer beer cards, meal cards or gaming cards, or by offering cash prizes when guests download their app. Whatever you want to gift consumers, you can do it in a way that’s cleverly designed in the form of a digital Mastercard.

Fully Branded

Instant Delivery

Action incentives in the market

Fun, engaging & memorable

Customer transaction reports

Data capture

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Consumer & Cash Back Programs

Instant cash rewards for your employees and customers that afford them maximum flexibility in how they choose to spend their gift.

We believe that your journey to reward, engage and incentivise should be simple, seamless and tailored to your brand’s foundation. Now organisations can attract new customers and retain existing ones, through stronger branding and the rewards consumers expect in the digital era.

Cash back programs delivered through a branded digital Mastercard can offer a unique way to expand your business. Done well, cash back promotions jump from the shelves. When used in conjunction with POS displays and in-store advertising, they really resonate with consumers and prove that they are buying something worthwhile, since the brand running the promotion is offering something extra - at no additional cost to the customer.

Instantly attracts customer attention

Appeals to a broad demographic

Triggers impulse purchases

Increased sales & brand loyalty

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Rebate & Claim Settlement

Issue branded, trackable funds to consumers for insurance or market research purposes.

Vault Payment Solutions is one of the first globally to offer prepaid digital Mastercards that can be delivered instantly, with a self-managed portal that allows you to load, manage and track funds. Leverage the security afforded by digital wallets and provide the innovation consumers expect.

Our self-managed Vault portal makes it easy to settle your customer claims promptly and hassle-free. Use the portal to instantly issue branded funds to the end recipient, who can access them via their smartphone as and when they need them. Use one simple platform to manage multiple campaigns at one time with customised creative and SMS communication.

Easy to set up

Fully branded

Reduce fraud

Instant delivery

Track spend by claimant

Close claims instantly

Provide utility to claimant to spend online or offline


Empowering brands through digital payment solutions

fully branded

Fully Branded

Put your brand in your customers’ digital wallets and make a lasting impact.

freedom of use

Freedom of Use

Customers can instantly spend their funds anywhere by tapping their smartphone on any eftpos or Mastercard terminal.

mastercard backed

Mastercard Backed

Prepaid Mastercards that are entirely built for mobile payments.

instant delivery

Instant Delivery

Customers receive the branded cash instantly to their phones, thanks to the elimination of physical stock handling and delays.

success tracking

Success Tracking

Get detailed metrics and customer demographics, and track engagement in real-time using your client portal.

high engagement

High Engagement

Give your brand a permanent space in your customers’ phones for higher engagement rates compared to physical solutions.

safe and secure

Safe and Secure

Leverage the security of a mobile wallet’s built-in biometrics, such as face or fingerprint recognition, and iris scans.

meet expectations

Meet Expectations

Your customers expect mobile wallets and contactless pay, so they can spend their funds exactly how they want to.

The future of payments is mobile


Why go contactless?

Digital Cards

Your customers want instant gratification, and Vault Payment Solutions is the link that enables you to provide that. We’re leaving the complexities of physical gift cards, eGift cards and bank transfers in the past.

Physical Cards

Old-school physical cards demand high production and distribution costs. With no way to track transactions, businesses can’t monitor use and success. They’re bad for the environment and can be easily lost.

eGift Cards

eGift cards limit your customer to spending their funds at a chosen retailer or retailers. With little or no branding, it’s easy for them to forget about who distributed the eGift card.

Bank Transfer

An expensive option for businesses, a bank transfer is void of branding and can easily get lost in the day-to-day banking transactions of your customers.

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