Virtual Prepaid Mastercards

Delivered in seconds. Activated in minutes.

What is a virtual prepaid Mastercard? 

A virtual prepaid Mastercard is just like a regular Mastercard – only without the plastic.

Instead of being sent a physical card in the mail a digital card is sent to you or your customer via SMS and then activated using the Vault app. Once activated, the card can be added to a phone’s digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) and used anywhere that accepts contactless payment.

What are the benefits of a prepaid virtual Mastercard?

Business Benefits

Instant delivery – don’t leave your customers waiting by the postbox

Add your branding flare – use your company colours and logo

Quick activation – ready to use in minutes

Secure – the security features of Vault, Mastercard and your digital wallet working together

User analytics – view a clean, simple summary of all your live campaigns. Collect data on transactions and use these consumer insights to drive commerce.

No minimum load value – unlike some card providers we allow you to add small amounts to your customer's cards

Reloadable – top up your customers' cards

When you should use a virtual Mastercard

Virtual debit cards are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of scenarios.

Events – engage and incentivise your attendees

Cashback programs – reward your loyal customers

Rebate & claim settlement – issue trackable funds to consumers for insurance of market research purposes

Employee gifts or expenses – reward your employees or provide them with the funds to make work-related purchases

Customer complaints – resolve disputes with your customers

Reactivation campaigns – remind your customers why they love your brand and products

When time is of the essence – any situation where a customer or employee needs a Mastercard quickly

When your customer/employee is remote – no need to wait for delivery, email their Mastercard instantly

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Everything you need to know about virtual prepaid Mastercards

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