Custom Corporate Gift Cards

Delivered in seconds. Activated in minutes.

Gifts for employees can be hard, that's why Vault has the perfect solution for your business - custom corporate prepaid cards.

A prepaid corporate gift card is the best way to say thank you and well done to your team for all their hard work.

Any of our custom gift cards make for an instant and convenient solution, and your recipient can use the card through their phone with tap and pay.

What are the benefits of a corporate prepaid card?

Instant delivery – your employee gets their gift card sent straight to their phone

Add your branding flare – customise your cards and use your company colours and logo

Quick activation – ready to use in minutes

Secure – the security features of Vault, Mastercard and your digital wallet working together

The uses for pre-paid cards are endless...

Virtual debit cards are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of scenarios.

Events – engage and incentivise your attendees

Cashback programs – reward your loyal customers

Rebate & claim settlement – issue trackable funds to consumers for insurance of market research purposes

Employee gifts or expenses – reward your employees or provide them with the funds to make work-related purchases

Customer complaints – resolve disputes with your customers

Reactivation campaigns – remind your customers why they love your brand and products

When time is of the essence – any situation where a customer or employee needs a Mastercard quickly

When your customer/employee is remote – no need to wait for delivery, email or SMS their Mastercard instantly

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Everything you need to know about corporate gift cards

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