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Reward Loyalty with Cashback Solutions

What is a cashback program?

Cashback programs are an effective way to continually reward customers for their repeat business.

Cashback programs are an excellent way to engage, reward and incentivise your customers. Usually, businesses offer a cash reward when a customer purchases a certain number of products or completes a certain action.

What are the benefits to using a cashback program?

Cashback programs offer a unique way to expand your business. They help you not only acquire new leads, but drive retention, repurchase/renewal and incentivise customers to carry out certain behaviours.

Business Benefits

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Acquire new customers

Reward and thank your loyal customers

Increase customer retention

Encourage renewal

Appeals to a broad demographic

Increased sales and brand loyalty

Why use Vault Payment Solutions?

Why you should offer your customers a cash back reward program

Add your branding flare – use your company colours and logo

Instant delivery – no more waiting by the post box

Quick and easy activation – your customers can be spending in minutes

Bank grade security – Vault, Mastercard and the security of a digital wallet all working together

User analytics – collect data on customer transactions and use this data to inform business strategy

No minimum load value – unlike other card providers, we allow you to add small amounts to your customers prepaid cards

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Everything you need to know about cashback solutions

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