About Us

Put your brand in your customer's digital wallet


Simpler, faster digital payments technology

Vault Payment Solutions is revolutionising the way you connect with consumers.

We’re delivering branded Mastercards that reward, engage and incentivise to drive corporate gifting into the digital era. Designed for brands that value brand, we’re bringing you a secure and seamless financial product that helps your organisation stay ahead-of-the-curve and fresh in your customers’ minds.

Replacing outdated plastic gift cards, embrace fully mobile-enabled, instant payments solutions.

Business Benefits

Acquire new customers

Retain current customers

Reward staff

Capture rich data

Increase basket size

Lift product engagement

Drive repeat purchases

Break through market clutter with a headline offer


Innovate with Vault Payment Solutions

Our team of inventors and technologists set out to provide Australia’s businesses with the means to innovate.

With plastic gift cards becoming a trend of the past, we’re focusing on delivering a purely digital platform that provides a revolutionary way to boost engagement at events, deliver instant cash back programs, manage payments for insurance and market research reasons, issue gift cards and more.

Our self-managed toolkit provides the templates to enable you to easily load and customise digital Mastercards inline with your brand. For one-off, tailored solutions, we pride ourselves on unparalleled agility and can work closely with our clients to develop a dynamic mobile payments product for modern-day spending.

Gift the contactless transactions your customers deserve.